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Dose Performance Coaching has worked with businesses with 1 - 15,000 employees and has supported clients in various stages of their businesses; from building meaningful cultures, to preparing for acquisition or IPO.

Dose has been a part of tremendous organizational growth with clients, and more importantly, incredible pivots in performance professionally and personally for individuals and teams. Dose is committed to giving back the equivalent of 25% of all business by providing pro-bono coaching for youth and people who might not otherwise have access to coaching; creating a future where leaders are confidently connected to their humanity. Through developing a more comprehensive understanding of the mind, and awareness of one’s greatest contribution, Dose will support you to #distillyourgenius.

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One part neuroscientist, one part performance coach, wholly your biggest fan.


David Ogle is the Founder of Dose Performance Coaching. Dose was founded on the premise that we all have immense amounts of untapped genius in our mind, and the practice of coaching is an effective means to distill that genius into simple and doable actions. He brings a cognitive behavioural approach to coaching for business leaders and professional athletes. He coaches through examining the relationship between the processes of one’s mind, their actions, and their goals. David led the Leadership Development team at lululemon athletica through $2B in growth, coaches executives to Olympic Athletes to a variety of leaders within organizations, and is a candidate for his MSc in Applied Neuroscience & Mental Health. Bringing over a decade of coaching and organizational leadership, David is known for his ability to ask the challenging question, create the conditions for insight, and do so without feeling like the sky is falling. He is also the proud father of Zoe the cat who shares his passion for purrformance.


The fear of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and FOMO share a common denominator: fear.

Actually, they share something else: both are official English words.