You focus on your weaknesses.

Your brain fixates on finding what went wrong to ensure it does not reoccur.

This stems from an inherent reward-motivation and punishment-aversion.

The challenge with this equation is that you are a social creature.

The weaknesses over which you obsess are rooted in establishing social security.

No, not the government program.

Your brain follows an invalid logical sequence.

A= You have a weakness, B= The outcome of that weakness is social pain.

Therefore, if you fix A you will not experience B.

The problem is that the correlation of A -> B is indirect.

Solving A does not mean B will not occur in the same way that wearing a rain coat does not prevent rainy weather.

The life of man* (in a state without coffee) is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short,

-Morning Cup

*any human!