A warning has good intentions.

It is designed to keep someone safe, from the issuer's perspective.

Warnings are rarely delivered from the receiver's perspective.


Smoking warnings are effective against non-smokers and very light smokers.

For regular and heavy smokers, they induce further craving to smoke.

The warning on a carton of cigarettes is most effective toward those who are already not purchasing the carton.


A leader navigates various roles and approaches to leverage in every situation.

In the complexity of determining which approach to take, the receiver's perspective gets lost.

A warning about risk to someone with high risk-tolerance may be ineffective.


Advice around accepting failure to someone with a need for high-certainty will miss the mark.

A leader's role is to develop the potential within their team.

Thoughtful leaders consider which approach is effective based on the receiver's perspective.



How the Grinch stole coffee,

-Morning Cup