Tetris (Level 3)

You are not putting the Tetris background music in many playlists.

Korobeiniki is the score from which the game's tune draws its inspiration.

The original piece is a 19th century folk song about the love between a peddler and a girl.

Defining your focus is important.

If you do not, you will quickly find yourself back at Level 1.

Tetris epitomizes the paradox of focus.

You can only focus on one thing, yet there will never be one thing only.

If all you do is focus on the game, you risk missing the story.

The solution is not binary: choosing one over the other feeds the paradox.

Leadership is a practice of attending to your focus.

Like Tetris, there is a time to focus on action just as there is time to focus on the broader story.

The skill lies less in an ability to do either, but the discipline to consider what is needed in each moment.

GAME OVER. Time for coffee,

-Morning Cup