You can support an idea, action, belief, or a variety of other nouns.

There is an evaluation of merit upon which your support rests.

One noun is distinct: people.


You do not support people based on merit.

Merit may apply to a person's things, such as ideas, beliefs, or actions.

When it comes to a person, their existence is enough merit.


It is common to correlate your support, or lack thereof, for a thing more broadly, towards a person.

This is your mind utilizing bias to generalize and simplify.

It is one of the most dangerous propositions you can infer: the merit of a thing directly reflects on the merit of a person.


Support does not mean agreement or being nice.

There is no single way in which support looks or feels.

Supporting a person is distinct from supporting all other things.


Thoughtful leaders distinguish support between connected ideas, actions, and people.

They also support people, unconditionally.



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