Consider oxygen the way you do stress.

Oxygen management.

It sounds more like trying to not drown, than it does breathing.


The experience of stress management is not much different.

Stress management is a misnomer.


Stress leads to the release of cortisol in your brain.

Your hippocampus has the highest concentration of receptors for cortisol.


The hippocampus is involved in learning and memory.

Stress impacts synaptic plasticity, memory, and decreases neurogenesis.

In other words, stress slows your thinking capacity, makes you forget, and shrinks your brain.


Drug addiction and psychoactive disorders can have the same effect.

Stress management ignores an important truth.

Consistent stress diminishes your ability to perform.


You would not walk into a room that contained poisonous gas.

You do not practice oxygen management.

You breathe.


Stop managing your stress.

Practice stress minimalization.

And keep breathing.



Hungry Hungry Hipposcampus,

-Morning Cup