Rough Draft

The rough draft is the most challenging part of writing.

It is the first attempt at putting into words what has previously only been thought.

Unless you copy and paste from Wikipedia, which has a few ethical issues.


Rough drafting is integral to leadership.

Someone has to put out the first perspective.

The rough draft takes courage and self-abnegation.


The purpose of a rough draft is to create something which will inevitably be destroyed.

Without a rough draft, there is nothing substantive around which to agree or disagree.

The paradox of the rough draft is that its greatest contribution catalyzes a revolution of thought, rendering its original state useless.


Leaders create a rough draft to enable others to contribute to a final draft.

Whether a contract, business plan, or book report, the rough draft is the lynchpin between thought and action.

Thoughtful leaders release their desire to have the final word for the sake of eliciting a collective, better result.



Green eggs and coffee,

-Morning Cup