Quantum Zeno Effect

The best way to understand the Quantum Zeno effect is to imagine an arrow in flight.

An isolated moment of that image will show an arrow immobilized in space.

Only through the amalgamation of moments does the arrow appear to move.

The Quantum Zeno effect represents the ability to solidify something's state through increased attention.

Wherever attention is placed with focus and frequency, the state of an object is impacted.

No, this is not a crash course in telekinesis.

But we are talking about your mind.

Like an arrow, your mind whizzes through the air in a state of perpetual motion.

The key to separating the combined moments is attention density.

Building a new habit has little to do with "building" anything.

Neuronal circuits establish habit: a new habit indicates a new circuit has been solidified.

The key to solidifying something, like an arrow or a neuronal circuit, is attention density.

The Quantum Zeno effect may not bend a spoon with your mind, but it will bend your behaviours toward your attention.

What better way to enjoy your coffee than to muse over quantum physics?

Brewing coffee, in an isolated moment, is a suspended droplet of joy,

-Morning Cup