Prioritization is challenging.

Novelty, bias, even fatigue get in the way of prioritization.

You have plenty of priorities, but first, Netflix.


This is not the answer to better prioritization.

You know your priorities.

The trap is that you also know you could be wrong about them.


Prioritization is not the challenge.

Predicting the future is challenging.

Priorities are hypotheses about which actions will yield the greatest performance.


You make prioritization challenging by waiting for others to validate your hypothesis.

This assumes someone else understands your priorities better than you.

Predicting the future does not function on the right and wrong spectrum.


Trust your ability to prioritize.

Stop trying to get it right and take consensus.

Spend your time nimbly adjusting your priorities and take action.



You put the cream in the coffee cup and stir it all up,

-Morning Cup