You read about Jim Collins’ hedgehog concept. It is a great model for an organization to define their success. Perhaps you have spent time figuring out your personal hedgehog; you probably struggled defining your categories. The hedgehog is good to determine where one can be successful, but as an individual, you want more than success (and who really knows what drives their personal economic engine…?).


We think it needs updating. Say hello to the peacock.

The peacock takes the essence of the hedgehog and brings in a perspective that focuses more on fulfilment than success. It factors in the importance of full self-expression.


What is your purpose?

Why do you exist? What is your dharma? What are you here to accomplish?

What do you value?

What are your virtues? What characteristics or traits do you admire in others?

What are you deeply passionate about?

How do you experience joy in life? Where are the areas or events that make you feel alive?


Don’t worry, we have an example.

Peacock for Morning Cup:


What is your purpose?

Making your musing machine muse a little bit more.

What do you value?

Consistency, conciseness, insight, simplicity, levity.

What are you deeply passionate about?

Seeing the forest through the trees, bringing a unique point of view, grassroots growth.


As an individual, your most fulfilling moments in life are at the intersection of those three components.

We don’t promise you will be successful, but we suspect that if you hit that middle state, you won’t worry about that anyway.



Coffee likes to strut its tail feathers,