Pass it on

Remember telephone? The game you played as a kid.

You sat in a circle and whispered a phrase to the person next to you, and the phrase was passed along.


What lessons did you learn?

-At least one person should not be trusted (somehow, the word always changed to "underpants" when he played).

-Consistency is critical to a message being communicated successfully.


Both lessons are inaccurate.

-The issue with Mr. Underpants is not trust, it is enrolment into a higher purpose.

-Consistency is not the root; simplicity is. Simplicity breeds consistency.


As a leader, you can fight the battle for consistency.

Alternatively, you could distill your message into something simple.

Something simple can be passed on.

What you say does not matter.

What someone hears, and chooses to pass along, does.



Immense excitement for coffee is a brewhaha,

-Morning Cup

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david ogle