Math Problems

Train A leaves the station at 9am.

It travels 45km an hour.

It arrives at destination Z in one hour.


Train B leaves the station at 8am.

It travels 90km an hour.

It stops 3 times before arriving at destination Z, two hours later.


Which train do you take?

Are you having flashbacks of middle school math?

Breathe; this is not a math problem.


Train A is the obvious train.

Yet, when you substitute brain for train, you regularly choose B.

Train B represents multi-tasking.


You may feel like you are moving faster.

You might even think you get more places.

You end up at the same place in twice the time.


Your brain is optimized to attend to one task for 45 minutes.

No wonder middle school math was hard.



Order of Operations: everything(coffee)else,

-Morning Cup