There are a lot of lists out there.

From 5 Traits of All Great Leaders to 329 Secrets to Eternal Inner Peace, if a challenge exists, there is a list for it.

Here is a list of the 3 Things to Remember about Lists:

1. If the answer can be explained through a list, it is not the definitive answer.

2. All lists are personal; you can easily create your own.

3. A leader has never been in a pivotal moment and thought, "Well thank goodness I found a list."

Lists are good for consideration and to examine your natural thinking patterns.

The gap between a list and performance is the ability to apply learning.

Lists do not generate performance.

Leaders generate performance through contextual application of insight.

Thoughtful leaders spend their time applying what they learn rather than reading lists.

37 rules to brewing coffee that every great leader follows,

-Morning Cup