The most valuable skills are iceberg-shaped.

There is the outward, visible tip of the skill that everyone sees.

This is observed when the skill is leveraged.

Whether the skill is decision-making, resilience, or leadership, the iceberg exists.

What you see when observing someone else is the above-water manifestation of the skill.

It is easier to focus on what is visibly accessible; icebergs are a reminder that this is misleading.

Great decision-making begins with greater question-asking beforehand.

Resilient people originate from intentional care prior to the onset of adversity.

Game-changing leadership is developed at practice, not games.

The moment you need to leverage a skill is not the time to develop the skill.

Thoughtful leaders tend to their skills under the water-line in preparation for the tip of the iceberg moments.

What's cooler than being cool? Iced coffee,

-Morning Cup