Home Run

You have been in a meeting where someone advocated finding a 10x idea.

The temptation of hitting a home run is irresistible.

Why think small when you can forever change the world?


The logic seems sound.

If you are going to do something, do the best something possible.

Equating a home run with being the best something possible is a logical fallacy.


If home runs equated to the best, then the team with the most home runs would win.

Statistically, there is only a moderate correlation between home runs and winning in baseball.

There are other more impactful factors to winning.


The real problem is home runs are sexy.

Doing the best something possible does not mean hitting a home run.

It may not even mean doing anything new, or big, or sexy.


The best teams find their greatest contribution, and maximize it.

Doing the best something and hitting a home run are not mutually inclusive.

Great leaders guide a team to pursue the best something possible, even when it is not a home run.



Q: What MLB team loves coffee? A: Milwaukee Brewers,

-Morning Cup