You feel hungry.

Systems in your hypothalamus made this happen.


All you can think about is food.

Someone shows you a travel album, and the images of Italian pizza induce rage.

Your brain has focused your vision, hearing, and smell on food-relevant stimuli; not the cute Airbnb your friend found.


You go to a restaurant.

You receive a menu and immediately feel crushed by the overwhelming amount of options.

Your sensory systems are finely tuned to finding food, not choosing between kale or arugula.


When you are hyper-focused on an important decision, the benefits of a world of abundance become a hindrance.

There are decisions that are important for you to make.

When it comes to highly-important decisions, expecting your brain to figure it out may create cognitive paralysis instead of results. 


Your brain needs help to navigate abundance.

Have a hangry-plan for major decisions.



C is for coffee, that's good enough for me,

-Morning Cup

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david ogle