Watching Grass Grow

You do not check the growth of grass every two minutes.

Repotting a plant daily is unlikely to be helpful.

Pouring hot water on whole coffee beans is ineffective.

The process of grinding and brewing coffee beans over time is what makes it delicious.

A plant needs time and space to establish its roots within a new pot.

Grass will grow quickly, but constant surveillance is unnecessary.

These principles are obvious when the subject is grass, a plant, or coffee.

When the subject is another person, your expectation of their growth over time becomes unrealistically fast.

Stop spending your time trying to force someone to "get it."

Thoughtful leaders focus their time on constantly improving the conditions for growth.

That might mean doing nothing.

Like plants, people exhibit remarkable growth when evaluated over a reasonable period of time.

Usain Bolt visualizes coffee at the finish line,

-Morning Cup