Grinding the gears to your car hurts performance.

Grinding your teeth while sleeping bodes poorly for your dental health.

Grinding in your career is commonly accepted.


The state of grinding is defined as, "oppressive, tedious, and seemingly without end."

The sound of grinding is defined as, "harsh and grating."

Grinding through your career, or life, is counterproductive.


Alternatively, grinding coffee beans is the precursor to liquid joy.

The act of grinding is defined as, "reducing something to small particles by crushing it."

Applying pressure to something large can distill something simpler, and more useful.


The problem is not with the word grinding.

It is with the context by which it is utilized.

When an act becomes a state of being, it risks over-utilization.


Take a note from coffee.

Practice responsible grinding.



The Yoda of beverages, coffee is,

-Morning Cup