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(From February 2018)

There was once a long-standing debate amongst anthropologists.

Which did human ancestors first develop: intellectual capacity or the ability to walk?

The proverbial chicken or the egg became walking or the mind.

The discovery of Australopithecus (your Great x 10^6 Grandparent) settled the debate.

Our ancestors walked before they became smarter.

The ability to walk allowed for more active hours, use of tools, and capacity to gather more food.

These abilities created higher capacity for brain growth and development.

Literally, Australopithecus got moving before having it all figured out.

Ironically, our ancestors figured something out before they even had the capacity to figure things out.

Australopithecus taught a lesson that is relevant 4.2 million years later.

There is great temptation to try and figure it all out before taking action.

At some point, you need to start walking.

Maybe you need a few more hours/days/weeks of planning meetings.

Maybe if you start walking now, things will evolve.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Trick question; coffee is always first,

-Morning Cup