The notion of being a game-changer is appealing.

Especially in contrast to being a game-keeping-things-the-way-they-always-have-been-er.

There is growth, excitement, and reward in changing the game.


Disruption and creation have become the default tools of game-changers.

The world celebrates the brilliant minds who think what has never been thought before.

The world also quietly ignores another form of game-changing.


Sometimes the game has already changed, and no one acknowledges it.

Being a game-changer does not always involve actively changing things.

Changing the game is also giving voice to that which others are blind.


Game-changers open people's eyes to something new.

The appeal of being a game-changer is about meaningful contribution.

Often, that occurs best through listening, observing, and acknowledging what others were moving too quickly to see.



Coffee is a game-changer for any morning routine,

-Morning Cup