If you make a smoothie, 4 minutes in the blender should be plenty.

4 hours in the blender will yield no better results.

It will not do your blender any good, either.


Taking a few moments to focus on your plant means it will get watered.

Taking a few days to focus on your plant will result in you watching it grow.


Though tempting, an 8-hour marathon of Netflix is a poor use of time.

A good thing, in excess, ceases to be efficient or maintain value.

You understand this. You frequently assess the efficiency and value of things you do.


Except for focus.

While the above examples are obvious, replace any with focusing, and you do the dramatically long example. Everyday. On repeat.


Running a blender for 4 hours, continuously, will render the blender useless.

Your brain is no different. 

Your ability to focus is a tool, not a state of being.



Coffee is the new kombucha,

-Morning Cup

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david ogle