You can list your flaws with minimal effort.

Your mind is wired to spot irregularities and mark them as a flaw in order to survive.

Your memory reinforces this understanding and guides you away from situations that may expose flaws.


You live within a contradiction around flaws.

You minimize your own, even hide them.

Conversely, you struggle to relate to anyone without understanding their flaws.


Flaws are what make your favorite character on TV engaging.

Flaws are at the core of creating deeper connection with others.

If you can perceive a connection, then you can also identify the flaws which enabled it.


A character without flaws is inconceivable: your mind understands that flawlessness, in itself, is a flaw.

You appreciate others for the flaws which make them unique.

Why spend your time pursuing flawlessness?



Coffee is flawesome,

-Morning Cup