Mindfulness can be a process, a state of being, or even an outcome.

Try describing in exact detail what mindfulness looks like.

It is impossible to describe without explaining its particular facets.


Success is equally challenging to depict.

It is like describing the Easter Bunny.

Articulating the facets of success, like describing those of an egg-laying Leporidae, establishes a paradigm for success.


You talk about culture.

Like success and mindfulness, culture is not a thing in itself.

Your ability to create it beyond a theoretical construct is predicated upon an ability to articulate the unique facets of a culture.


Great leaders articulate the facets through which theoretical constructs like culture or Easter Bunnies exist.

The construct may be the thing which attracts and inspires people.

The facets create a connection that allows people to be included and take ownership of the construct.


Can you articulate the facets of your culture?

The eggs are out there, you may need to go on a hunt to discover them.



The facets of coffee, when combined, cause percolation,

-Morning Cup