Circular reasoning is an unsound logical process where the premise is based on the desired conclusion.

Example: salad is healthy and healthy people eat salad, therefore everyone should eat salad.

When it comes to salad, circular reasoning is pretty innocent.


Circular reasoning is utilized in the realm of experience.

"Successful managers have experience A; we are hiring for someone with experience A."

Experience is the story you tell to commoditize yourself.


Experience is a social construct, not a science.

You cannot measure experience without evaluating it against other experiences.

Try and measure out 100g of experience.


You will be told you do not have the right experience.

The statement is inaccurate.

You do not have the experience which previously proved valuable.


No one ever said you could not do it in a completely different way.

Have the courage to tell a different story.



Coffee is delicious because it tastes amazing,

-Morning Cup