Epoché is a Greek word best translated as suspension of judgement.

It correlates well with Descartes' approach of methodic doubt.

It is a way of thinking that suspends subjective beliefs and seeks to examine a thing as it is.

In science, epoché is critical in minimizing confirmation bias.

Your loved ones have likely requested a little more epoché from you at some point.

As a leader, your ability to thoughtfully listen and make decisions is predicated on epoché.

Epoché is not skepticism.

It is more nuanced than doubt or poking holes in things.

Epoché is a self-reflective discipline of your thinking.

Your mind is oriented to skip epoché and find a solution.

Your brain attempts predicting what will happen next while using minimal energy.

This is suitable for preparing your morning coffee.

For work that is important, epoché is essential.

Without it, the first and last thing to hold you back will be yourself.

Any task attempted before coffee is putting Descartes before the horse,

-Morning Cup