There will always be better.

There will always be more.

There will never be enough.


Enough is not a quantifiable metric.

It is a paradoxical psychological construct.

You will only know whether there was enough after it is over.


Once you know, there is nothing you can do.

Until you know, your concept of enough is a hypothesis.

Despite this, you toil endlessly at playing the omniscient predictor.


Scientists recalibrate hypotheses after learning whether the last was enough.

Chefs update their recipes to be enough next time.

Neither spends their time attempting to fix their previous attempt.


Retroactively fixing something after learning whether it was enough is ineffective.

Trying to predict the perfect amount to be enough leads to paralysis.

Thoughtful leaders iterate until they find what is necessary to perform.



One fish, two fish, red fish, coffee,

-Morning Cup