Dynamic Systems Theory

You do not need a PhD in Mathematics to utilize dynamic systems theory.

Although, to understand it thoroughly, you might.

It is a concept that articulates the nature of complex relationships with constantly changing variables, such as time and location.


A dynamic system provides the mathematical depiction of a clock's swinging pendulum.

It explains the number of patrons at the ice cream shop on a Taco Tuesday in the summer.

The solution to these is more complex than entering "3760," and turning your calculator upside down.


Dynamic systems theory teaches two broadly valuable lessons.

Change or growth includes simultaneous progression and regression.

The purpose is not to find exact solutions to a problem within the system.


Leaders recognize that growth is not linear, and seek to understand the nature of a system.

Your inclination is to find an exact solution; the complexity of a dynamic system makes this futile.

Thoughtful leaders devote their energy to impacting long-term behaviours rather than solving problems.



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