Focus on this message.

Now turn on the TV.

And the radio.


Flip on a strobe light and a disco ball, too.

Hungry? Of course you are; have some pie.

Now you are thirsty as well.


There are two types of attention.

Endogenous: the things which you choose to give attention.

Exogenous: the things which catch your attention, in the moment.


Focusing on one thing at a time is hard enough.

Battling stimuli which demand your attention, is futile.

Focus takes preparation and intention.


Disco balls catch your attention for a reason.

Exogenous attention will override endogenous.

The buzz of a phone in your pocket stays in your mind until you check it.


Performance is contingent upon your ability to limit exogenous stimuli.

Focus is more than attention in the moment; it requires preparation.

Give your mind a chance.



Mashed potatoes, turkey, coffee, pie, repeat,

-Morning Cup