Composting is a good practice.

Not emptying your compost and allowing it to overflow in your kitchen is not.

Unless you are creating a life-sized science experiment, composting needs maintenance.


Taking a bath is relaxing.

Turning on the water and leaving it on endlessly is not.

Houses do not substitute well for swimming pools.


Cortisol release in response to stress optimizes focus and performance.

Excess cortisol build-up due to chronic stress is toxic; it kills neurons.

Your brain is not designed to be a cortisol swamp.


You do not leave the compost rotting or the bathtub running.

You cannot see stress growing or overflowing in the same manner.

The physical impacts, though, are similar.


Your cognitive performance, ability to focus, and memory, all shrink with prolonged stress.

Do you know what prolonged stress looks like for you?

Do you manage your stress levels with equal rigour as your compost or bath water?


Shrinkage is not good.

Especially in the brain.



Like strong coffee, the world cannot get enough strong women,

-Morning Cup