Culture is a unicorn.

As a leader you understand its value, though few can quantifiably describe it.

Explaining culture inevitably requires further explanation around the explanation.


Culture describes an ethos of an organization or community.

This is not an argument against using the word culture.

It is, however, a dissent against its unspecific overuse.


Culture, an ethos, exists insofar as it is supported by actions generated by people.

People taking action (or inaction) generates culture.

Stop talking about culture and start talking about people.


If culture is a theoretical unicorn, then people are real, like bears and lions and peacocks.

Culture is beyond accountability.

People are not.


It is easier to talk about culture because it is an impersonal idea.

Thoughtful leaders talk about people and hold them accountable to their impact.



чемпионат мира по кофе,

-Morning Cup