People are telling you it is time to make resolutions.

Others will insist that you set goals.

Some will suggest something else entirely.

Focusing on the methodology misses the underlying point.

You are having a conversation about change.

Leaders are faced with this same conversation often, yet apply unique approaches each time.

When it comes to making a change, you fixate on the methodology and the timing.

Fixating on doing the change just right with the perfect timing is counterproductive.

Meaningful changes are rarely beautifully articulated, nor are they instagram-able.

Change is messy.

Change is cognitively demanding.

Change is an uphill battle; keeping it neat and curated erodes your effectiveness.

Worry less about the perfect resolution, goal, or methodology.

Focus on the specific change you are making and be relentless.

No matter how you brew it, the result is life-enhancing coffee,

-Morning Cup