Plumbing in a home is a functional construct.

Drapery and couches are a decorative construct.

The home, itself, is a dynamic construct containing social, psychological, and physical components.


You think of bias as a tendency to be inclined in one direction around a construct.

Perhaps you have a bias for minimalist decorative constructs.

This is an incomplete understanding of bias.


Bias is not an invisible filter through which you unconsciously process different constructs.

Bias is a construct; one which shapes and enables the existence of other constructs.

Bias is an architectural construct.


Bias is not how you perceive the home, it is the architecture of the building.

Like a blueprint, bias creates the schematic that houses the constructs you perceive.

Thoughtful leaders question the architectural construction before fixing the plumbing.



Coffee drinks a cup of Chuck Norris for breakfast,

-Morning Cup