If you grabbed a bow and arrow, aimed, and fired at a target, you would probably miss.

You almost certainly would not stick it in the bullseye.

Considering this was your first archery attempt, ever, you would not be too frustrated.


Substitute archery with your education, career, or marriage, and your perspective shifts.

You expect, in the very least, to be on target with every shot; in fact, you likely expect a bullseye.

This perspective becomes troublesome when you realize you are shooting at the wrong target.


Life is not unlike archery.

You find a means to do a task, and you begin working towards hitting the target.

Except in life, your equipment changes and no one tells you which target is best for you.


Also like archery, it is silly to expect to perfectly hit the target on the first try.

Or the second. Or the tenth...



Quiver- v.: the motion of a highly-caffeinated archer,

-Morning Cup