Alchemy is best known through chrysopoeia, panaceas, and alkahests.

Ultimately, base metals never turned into a noble metal and the philosopher's stone never got beyond Harry Potter.

The fundamental principle of alchemy is to create something from nothing.

Logically, alchemy functions as if there are two correlated variables which create a third.

This is flawed logic: there are infinite uncorrelated variables being ignored.

Alchemy applies ideological intangibilities to tangible, physical realities.

You are confronted with alchemic-thinking daily.

Instead of alchemy, it is disguised as, "thinking outside the box," "considering possibility," or "being open-minded."

The fastest death to a great idea is to leverage alchemy to bring it to life.

The constraints you perceive can be overcome.

The limitations you create are often unnecessarily rigid.

But alchemists have proven that you cannot create something from nothing.

You may have grand marketing ideas.

You may want to create the most innovative business structure in the world.

None of this will happen through alchemy.

Coffee transmutates ordinary people into productive geniuses,

-Morning Cup