Neuroscience + Leadership

The Dose Performance Coaching methodology combines the practice of coaching with expertise in cognitive neuroscience and leadership.

The mind is the one tool we use the most everyday, as well as the tool we know the least about. Incorporating a deeper understanding of Neuroscience enables greater mastery in working with it. Leadership is a virtue that you can pursue to embody, much like being curious or expanding your sense of knowledge. Leadership is about the pursuit of greatness for something bigger than yourself. Whether you, your team, or your murder mystery party club are looking to increase your aptitude in leadership or neuroscience, Dose is here to help. 

Elevate your mind + your leadership

Dose Performance coaching specializes in 1:1 coaching for business leaders and athletes. That said, we are game for just about anything in the realm of leadership, culture, and coaching. Below are some examples, but if you are curious about how we might work together, the best option is to contact us below and set up an intake session to see if working together is the right fit.



1:1 + group coaching


principles of leadership + neuroscience


brain-based approach to mindful performance



failure + innovation


diversity + inclusion


cognitive bias + people practices


You finish what you start. This is a great maxim for conversations, invoices, and coffee.

When it comes to bigger work, work you cannot possibly do alone, this belief erodes your effectiveness.