Coaching with Dose

The process of distilling your genius is about generating insight. The role of a coach is to support you in discovering simple and doable actions from your insight which generate momentum. Dose Performance Coaching utilizes three components in its methodology: coaching, leadership, and neuroscience.



Coaching is a partnership founded in curiosity and exploration. We believe that the role of a coach is to hold up the mirror for the client. We do not have the answer, rather, we have the perspective and tools to ask you great questions to help you formulate a conclusion at which you might not otherwise arrive. You have genius ideas. We help you distill your genius.



This is more than the role you play on a team or within an organization. If you choose to work with us, you are putting your hand up to examine the role you play in all areas of your life, and to explore the impact that a pivot on one area may have on others. In the coaching relationship, this happens by holding you accountable to a greater contribution and grounding every conversation in performance through virtue. It is an exploration of your role as a thoughtful leader. With over a decade of leadership and organizational coaching experience, Dose brings a strong perspective and proven record in developing powerful leaders.



You have a brain and you use it a lot. Unfortunately, your brain never came with an instruction manual. While we certainly do not have that handy, our coaching practice incorporates neuroscience principles and leading research from the realm of cognitive neuroscience, psychology and mental health. Coaching helps you see simple and doable actions for your future; adding a greater understanding of the brain equips you with the ‘why’ behind all of it. If the idea of pivoting your perspective and engaging greater performance while receiving nuggets of brain science along the way appeals to you, Dose Performance Coaching is the right fit.

I am Ready to Learn More

Coaching is about conversations that create momentum and performance. If you are curious about how a coach might benefit you, sign up for an intake call: in an hour we will discuss Dose Coaching methodology, your outcomes, answer any questions, and explore something together through coaching so you can get a feel for the process. Intake calls are always free: we want to make sure that our approach will support your outcomes, or else we will support you in finding a different coach who can.

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