Whether a dose of sunshine, endorphins, a weekly email, or a conversation, a Dose is ONLY what you need when you need it most. A Dose is never in excess. It is quietly subtle, unwaveringly powerful, and a kick in the ass to pivot your perspective.

Mission, Vision, Values

Your genius is already within you, and we are here to help you distill it into something simple and doable. Dose is committed to generating genius insights, and doing it in a way that does not leave you in a puddle on the floor (genius + fun are not mutually exclusive). Dose is a powerful and simple call to action for you to pivot your actions to begin performing at your full potential. Oh, and there will be heaps of brain-function facts along the way. Our purpose is to develop powerful leaders. Powerful leaders are kind, curious, self-aware, & compassionate. Dose brings an expertise in coaching, leadership, and neuroscience to support you to #distillyourgenius.

What is Performance?

Performance is an important word to us. We chose performance over other words (such as “executive” or “life”) for a reason. Performance, for us, is grounded in an ancient Greek word: Arete. Arete is about achieving one’s unique expression of excellence. Regardless of where you are currently, you feel that you have a greater potential to live into (if you didn’t, you would not still be reading this); the pursuit of that potential is performance. Arete is not only what you do and how you do it, but the virtues for which you do it; performance without virtue is not arete.


Performance and contribution are connected to virtues. If you work with Dose, you can count on us to talk about your virtues. So, it is responsible for us to share Dose Performance Coaching’s virtues with you:



The foundation of any successful coaching relationship is curiosity. We stand for inquiry, approaching every conversation fresh, and seeing the world with a sense of wonder.


 Aristotle made the connection that “the highest human potential is knowledge.” We dig that; performance is a constant exploration of knowledge about ourselves.




 We care about results. We stand for excellence of any kind, whether you are an athlete, business leader, or cat-dad, the goal is to achieve mastery within your performance.


Leadership is not a job. It definitely is not a thing you can do. Leadership is a virtue that you can pursue to embody, much like being curious or expanding your sense of knowledge. Leadership is about the pursuit of greatness for something bigger than yourself. Leadership is arete.



Coffee is movement; it is liquid energy and represents everything we love about human interaction. In the pursuit of distilling your genius, and pivoting perspective, coffee is a great metaphor: simple, bold, and gets you going in a direction.


Hold nothing back. Nothing needs to be prefaced with “Don’t take this the wrong way;” your truth needs to be spoken, and you have the responsibility to speak it with kindness.


Working with Dose

If you are looking for anything regarding coaching, neuroscience, leadership or something in-between, we are keen to connect. Send us a note and let's figure out how we might partner. In the meantime- sign up for Morning Cup to fuel your mind, and when you read one you love, let us know!



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